I Just Saved Blue Like Jazz

Author Name • October 2, 2010 03:18 PM


Ok, I didn't save Blue Like Jazz, but I helped out a little bit. In short, a friend of mine, Zach Prichard (actually, he's one of my brother's former roommates), and a friend of his recently read on Donald Miller's blog that lack of funding had cancelled production on a film version of the book Blue Like Jazz. They pulled some all-nighters and put together an awesome campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds. This book is one of my favorites, and I would absolutely love to see a movie version of it. If you haven't read it, borrow a friend's copy or get it from somewhere like Amazon.

If you're interested in helping to save Blue Like Jazz too, then check out the following video, or read all about it at savebluelikejazz.com or check out the Kickstarter page.

Save Blue Like Jazz from Save Blue Like Jazz on Vimeo.