Goals for 2011

Author Name • December 31, 2010 08:10 PM

I decided I should make a list of pseudo-resolutions for myself for 2011. Life has changed a lot recently (for the better, by far), and I need to focus on doing fewer things better. By posting the list to this blog, hopefully that can help me hold myself accountable. I'm open for other suggestions/modifications, too.

Update: The ones I have already accomplished are struck through

Travel to two or more states I've never been to

Build a useful iPhone app

Read at least one book a month (audio or non-audio)

Build a clock

Read the Bible through (Daily Walk magazine)


Sell a house (in Dacula) and buy a different house closer to the city

Run more (10 miles a week?)

Gain 10 pounds (in muscle only)

Get Vanguard Roth IRA set up

Get a will set up

Discover a new restaurant once a month for date-nights