Digital Retina Exam

Author Name • March 21, 2011 06:49 PM

I recently got my eyes checked so that I could get new specs. This practice was pretty cool for a couple of reasons. They are open late on some weekdays to accommodate more people who don't want to take sick leave from work, which is something I think a lot of doctors should consider doing (as well as closing on a week day and opening on Saturdays). This eye doctor also used an iMac outfitted with a custom eye chart app. He wouldn't tell me any details about it when I asked, so maybe it's some proprietary thing.

The coolest thing this eye doctor did, though, was give me a digital retina exam, where he put a camera really close to my pupil and took a photograph of my retina. The pictures are so cool I thought I'd share them here. I think the first photo is my left retina and the second is my right retina, but I could have them backwards.