WWDC 2012 Wishlist/Predictions

Paul Brown • June 10, 2012 08:47 PM

Apple WWDC 2012

I've come a long way this past year in developing my skills as an iOS developer. I've released one app to the App Store that I did as a contract job, and I've got another one ready to go but I'm waiting on an icon to be designed. I've also built a calendaring app at work to view shared Exchange calendars for our conference rooms.

Anyway, I digress. Tomorrow, the fine folks at Apple will stand on stage and announce the first details about iOS 6, among some other things. I don't have any grand vision for where iOS and Mountain Lion will go (I think it's pretty good as it is), but here are some minor tweaks I'd love to see:

iOS 6


iPhone 5

New Hardware

Apple TV

That's all I've got. Nothing revolutionary, but I hope to be wowed by something truly new and remarkable tomorrow, not just evolutionary updates to everything.