Tools of the Trade - 2014 Edition

Paul Brown • June 1, 2014 02:32 AM

Toolchest Dock

I've been running a side business for a little over a year now. The term "running" might be a stretch, because I released an app in June of 2012 and have just been issuing updates since then. Don't get me wrong - I haven't been just resting on my laurels. I try to stay up to date, and this means I have been building up an arsenal of tools. After being inspired by people like Justin Williams and Scott Hanselman, I thought I'd share my short but growing list here. It's more a record of the state of things, so I can revisit this and see how far I've come years from now.

As I compiled this list, it's amazing just how many individual pieces there are. And I'm just a side-gig, small-time iOS developer. It's reassuring, though, to know that people are providing great software and services to meet our needs.

Web Development and Hosting

Web Services




Honorable Mentions