How I Track Which WWDC Videos I've Watched

Paul Brown • June 7, 2014 02:13 AM

It's that time of year again, when Apple developers around the world get back home from WWDC (or are still at home and well-rested, like me) and start trying to soak up all they can from the session videos. I always have intentions of watching ALL THE VIDEOS, but inevitably I just catch the ones that are pertinent to what I'm doing. If you write iOS and Mac apps for a living, though, you probably watch more than me.

One problem I have with the session videos is that sometimes I forget which ones I've actually watched, especially if I watch them sporadically. My solution to this is to create an Evernote checklist with all of the sessions listed and I check them off as I go. As stupidly simple as this sounds, it's very effective, so I thought I'd share my WWDC 2014 checklist. You can download the file below. Enjoy! And please send any suggestions for improvement.

Update (2014-07-25): I've now created a similar Evernote file to track NSConf 6 and UIKonf 2014. I may also add one for Çingleton.

WWDC 2014 Videos WWDC 2014 Evernote note file - just import it into Evernote
NSConf 6 Videos NSConf 6 Evernote note file
UIKonf 2014 Videos UIKonf 2014 Evernote file