Skydiving at Skydive the Farm

Author Name • September 11, 2011 09:42 PM

Skydiving was on both my bucket list and my wife's bucket list, so we put together a skydiving trip for her birthday this year. About a year ago at CocoaCamp, I heard a guy over lunch talk about going to Skydive the Farm a lot, and after a bit more research, I discovered that it is probably one of the best places within reasonable driving distance from us. So we went, and it was awesome.

My instructor, Ryan, had jumped more than 6000 times, and Nikole's instructor, Big Steve, had jumped more than 3000 times, so we felt like we were in good hands. I don't know Nikole's exact numbers, but I took a picture of my stats from Ryan's Altimaster Neptune altimeter:


I jumped at 14,500 feet, and 63 seconds later (and topping out around 130 mph), Ryan pulled the ripcord at 3900 feet (about 2 miles in a minute!). 189 seconds after that, we made a soft landing. Here's the graphical representation of my dive.


Here's the video from my dive, and some of the best pics.

317797_2341191767132_1170074961_2720404_2486096_n    IMG_4565    IMG_4579

IMG_4587     IMG_4600     IMG_4601

IMG_4620     IMG_4629     IMG_46601

IMG_4665     IMG_4678     IMG_4685